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ONKODIN Image Bank - Image database for hematological cytology and case reports

Editor: H. Link, Kaiserslautern
Faculty: N. Basara, Flensburg; J. Bradtke, Giessen; J. Dengler, Heidelberg; H. Diem, Gauting; M. Engels, Düren; M. Freund, Rostock; S. Frühauf, Osnabrück; R. Fuchs, Eschweiler; W. Gassmann, Siegen; A. Gerhardt, Potsdam; T. Haferlach, München; F.-G. Hagmann, Karlsruhe; J. Hastka, Mannheim; H. Heimpel, Ulm; R. Herbst, Chemnitz; E. Jost, Aachen; S. Kräker, Heidelberg; C. Kuhn, Mannheim; H. Link, Kaiserslautern; T. Lipp, München; H. Löffler, St. Peter; W.-D. Ludwig, Berlin; R. Mahlberg, Trier; G. Metzgeroth, Mannheim; P.S. Mitrou, Frankfurt; I. Nagel, Marburg; T. Nebe, Kaiserslautern; H. Ohm, Darmstadt; R. Repp, Kiel; H. Rieder, Düsseldorf; R. Schabath, Berlin; M. Schatz, Karlsruhe; A. Schaub, Chemnitz; D. Schlupper, Leipzig; J. Schottelius, Hamburg; M. Schuler, Berlin; S. Schwartz, Berlin; C. Schweizer, Heidelberg; S. Siegrist, Kaiserslautern; G. Stamminger, Chemnitz; H. Strik, Marburg; C. Thiede, Dresden; E. Thiel, Berlin; J. Thomalla, Koblenz, A. Pitkus, Minneapolis/USA; G. Richter, Hannover; assisted by C. Kunz and S. Wong, Kaiserslautern
Last change: 2012/05/11

ONKODIN Image Bank is an online informational resource for experts, physicians and students, that has been in existence since July of 2004. Its focus is on supporting education and research in hematological neoplasia occurring in blood, bone marrow, lymph node and body fluid specimens such as cerebral spinal fluid, ascites and pleural effusions. ONKODIN Image Bank contains normal and pathological findings, hematological diseases, and other diseases containing hematological findings, as well as classifications, an expert panel and general information.
The images are mostly presented in a case-based format that allows both the images and text to be searched. Images can be zoomed to get a detailed presentation of the image.

This project is an ongoing development due to the multitude of hematological cases and images, as well as the constant influx of new information appearing in the field. Active decision support tools that quiz the website-users will be incorporated in the future. As many experts of the hematology community are contributing material, we hope that this platform will become an important tool for all interested in hematology.

ONKODIN Image Bank is developed in cooperation with the German Society of Hematology and Oncology (DGHO) and the German Competence Network "Acute and Chronic Leukemias" and the European Leukemia Network.

Prof. Dr. med. Hartmut Link
Medizinische Klinik I, Westpfalz-Klinikum, 67653 Kaiserslautern

"Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hämatologie und Onkologie e.V." (DGHO).
Part of the European Leukemia Net
(furtherance and cooperation)

Part of the "Kompe- tenznetz Leukämien", since 2002/09
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ISSN: 2193-6021
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